One of the greatest challenges of being online is keeping up with changes, so we decided to help you stay in touch with the news. Here you can enjoy the latest buzz in social media!
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    Social media has become a massive part of modern life. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have taken the world by storm. If you look at the figures,...
    14 February 2013 // 0 Comments
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    It’s no secret that people spend A LOT of time on Facebook and this is probably the reason why most business owners realized they have to be...
    26 January 2013 // 0 Comments
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    When you think about searching something online you’re definitely thinking about Google or maybe about Yahoo if you’re feeling nostalgic. Well, we’ve got news for you –...
    21 January 2013 // 0 Comments
  • Customer Service - Lifting the Words
    It is believed that integrating Customer Service in social media strategies will be one of 2013′s major trends and we can understand why. One of the golden...
    19 January 2013 // 0 Comments
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    However you might feel about motivational books and quotes, you can probably admit that at least once in a while this trend comes up with a great...
    16 January 2013 // 0 Comments