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Getting started with Social Media: 6 Tips

So, you finally decided it’s time to integrate Social Media in your business plan!

Well, you chose right. Now, let’s get started with the first and most important steps:


#1.  Analyze your business

You have to know exactly who your target consumers are what social networks they prefer. Is it Facebook? Or they prefer Twitter? How about niche platforms like Pinterest or Vine?

If you decide to focus your communication on statistics, well, almost everyone has a Facebook account. So, there are great chances your target consumer is also a Facebook user. You can try the easy way: see  see if your competition is using Social Media channels. I’m not saying to copy them but you can find out where your consumers spend time, if they like to engage with your kind of business and, the most important part, what they expect from you.


#2. Make a  long-term plan

Miracles don’t happen over night. So keep a constant communication plan for your Social Media channels. If your followers get the impression you’re superficial, that you’re on Facebook or Twitter just because everyone else is, they will be disappointed and leave. You have to understand that through Social Media, they can reach you in an instant, with a simple message, and you have to respond. Always. Even if it’s a complaint.


#3. Don’t include every channel. At least not from the beginning

Better start with one or two, just to see how people react to a new face. In time, you’ll be able to have a better view on your online consumers.


#4. Think about your own tone of voice

You can be inspired by the competition but don’t copy their personality. Create your own, try to be fresh. It’s all about the new things you can put on the table. Try to make yourself memorable. An advertising mascot, a cool logo, something to make people easily recognize you.


#5. Patience

Creating a community on social networks requires time. And advertising budgets. You can’t expect your business to grow only organically. Use Facebook Ads, create apps, think about online compaigns. With the right strategy your budget will always be well spent. If it’s for the long run, you can talk about ROI.


#6. Start creating

Will it be a Facebook page? A Twitter account?

I’ll let you decide by yourself… :)


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