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Social media lead-generation: convert visitors into customers

When it comes to generating leads, latest studies show that 77% of B2C marketers gained customers through Facebook, 34% of them have generated leads with help from Twitter and also 77% of B2C marketers consider using LinkedIn for finding new consumers.

If we’re talking about increasing a website‘s traffic, studies have shown that people are more likely to be interested in a company that is active on Social Media channels.

Although conversions don’t come instantly, you can increase your chances if you include in your social media strategy some basic yet efficient steps:


 1. Provide your customers with all the necessary information

Put yourself in the customer’s place and ask these simple questions: “What do I need?” “Can I get it online?”, “Where can I find some suggestions?”. Let’s take your Facebook Page: from Contact tab, About Me section, to Photo Albums and daily posts, your content has to be helpful for anyone who likes your brand. That means you have to enter all the information about your business, an easy contact tab so people can reach out to you in an instant, albums showing your business history (to make it reliable) and links to your website and blog.


 2. Advertise on Social Media

Use Facebook Ads to gather new fans. Find your target consumers and get them to like you and not the competition. Create contests, promote posts, find Facebook endorsers etc.


 3. Share valuable content for your fans

It’s probably the most important step for your Facebook page. Don’t give them content just for the sake of likes and shares. They will leave eventually because there are so many pages using this “strategy”. Give them useful, helpful content. Content that represents your brand. Make it funny, make it smart. Make them follow you every day. Be surprising. Don’t settle for nice pictures. Throw in some videos (link your YouTube and Facebook accounts), links (use Google Link Builder to track your website visitors who came from Facebook), events and promotions to keep them interested.


 4. Make others talk about you

They can be well-known bloggers or they can be your current fans. Think about innovative ways to use Social Media channels: advertise a sales event differently than with 70% DISCOUNT banners, think about doing a cool Facebook app, create an unforgettable hashtag etc.


 5. Approach a Social Media professional

If you’re decided to concentrate your communication strategy on Social Media, the easiest way to get results is to collaborate with a specialized agency. Someone who’s up-to-date with the latest tools, trends and metrics. It’s the quickest way from a click to a conversion.


Success my friends

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