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Social Media Tactics

The unparalleled exposure that social media gives has been the prime reason for success of many ventures of late. To have a strong social media presence not only is the source of free and popular form of advertisement but is also a great market expanding tool. If starting from the scratch the task can be quite intimidating but there are plenty of ways to get popular on these sites. For those who haven’t yet experienced the fuller benefits of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or other social medias, here are a few simple tips to make a mark-

1. Complete Profile: To make sure that your profile is as complete as possible is the basic necessity. It enables your audience to search your brand easily. Key phrases and contact details should be paid special attention to.

2. Go Graphic: Visuals are always more potent than text, so work ahead with or without a designer to make sure the pictures on your page are high resolution and effective.

3. Give Perks: Add a perk such as a special discount for customers showing that they follow you on Twitter or a coupon they can only access on Facebook. It’ll be a great booster for your fan following.

4. Stockpile Sharable Content: Attractive and popular photos, videos or links if shared, give you an access to a wider audience and also introduces them to your page. Content that people would want to share is the best bet when starting out on a new social presence.

5. Run A Contest: A tried and tested way, contests are a quick way to escalate your profile by attracting the target audience. The contest should reflect the theme or essence of your brand and so should the winners.

6. Use Hashtags Judiciously: Hashtags can stretch the exposure on targeted topics and get you an extended following but they ought to be used judiciously. If not used strategically they may become irritating to the followers.

7. Develop an Irresistible Voice: Those with a witty and fun tone always have more people around them and so is the case with social media. Model your brand and your posts on exceptional content and followers will definitely flock you.

8. Forget me not, says email: E-mails help you to give a detailed information to those who follow you on social media sites. They can be sent periodically so that you keep appearing in audience’s inbox.

The list is inexhaustible and will continue to develop but once you get a hang of the basics here, you’ll surely work wonders to get those envious number of fans or followers.

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