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Social Media: where Time is time and Money is money!

You found a new rich mine to dig and you think: how much time should I invest in?

Well, when it comes to social networks, time isn’t enough. Believe it or not, popularity won’t do the magic trick. Not even the coolest product in the world won’t get you out of real budgets. So, if you’re sticking by “slow and steady wins the race”, well, think again. Cause miracles happen in novels and…that’s about it.

We all know the truth hurts sometimes, but I’m not talking about this here. When we hear social networks, most of us think of pictures with kittens, dinner albums and what to write when we check-in. For business owners, this is the worst image of Social Media. And it’s wrong. Of course you don’t think of investing if you limit yourself. Why put money in it when you can come up with a cool status, show your pet and gather 1000 likes? By yourself? Well, let’s stop for a minute and talk business.

In business terms, social networks are a gold mine. A real gold mine. You can turn visitors into consumers, you can boost your revenue, you can create a strong community, and, the most important consequence of them all, you can reach a point when it all comes for free.

But, until then, you have to invest time and money. And because Online changes so fast, you always have to be ahead of the game. And I’m not talking just about the competition. No.. it’s about reading people’s minds and surprising them every time.

If a Like cost you now, let’s say, 50 cents, in the future one fan will bring another 100 with him and your budget turns into a great investment. Let’s take for example a Facebook app: with a cost of 1000 $ and the right strategy, it might bring you double or triple. Only if you find true Social Media specialists who know your target, your market and how to sell a good service or product. The return on investment can shock you. In a good way :)

So, put aside a budget for your social networks. You’ll see, in time, that it pays up. Always.

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